Adjudicate Parentage 

A parent can seek to adjudicate parentage in Texas if they are a biological parent and have not been identified as a legal parent and get parental rights.  It is important to seek adjudicated parentage because this will provide parental rights in Texas to the adjudicated parent.  In addition, it is important to understand the steps to adjudicate parentage in Texas.Adjudicate Parentage in Texas

Parental Rights in Texas

First of all, it is possible for someone to be legally declared the parent of a child when they are not currently deemed a legal parent. There can be many reasons to do this including when a child lived in an unsafe environment.  Also, a factor to consider is when the petitioner can provide benefits to the child if they were declared the legal parent.  The child may thrive due to such benefits as a stable housing and positive parenting.

Adjudicate Parentage in Texas

After receiving an adjudicate parent judgment the person is declared the legal parent.  Therefore, becoming the legal parent.  This gives the adjudicated parent full parental rights in Texas for the child. The parental rights include making decisions for the child including managing a child’s finances. A person can be given all of the parental rights over a child or give less parental rights. It depends on the needs of the child.

Individuals may seek to adjudicate parentage for a variety of reasons.  The most common reason is to figure out if the individual is the natural parent of the child.  This involves petitioning the court for adjudicate parentage.  In addition, there is typically a court-ordered paternity testing.

Another reason may be the adoption of a stepchild.  A step-parent that is raising their spouse’s child can petition the court to adjudicate parentage. This is an option instead of adoption.

Understanding the step to adjudicate parentage in Texas is important for success.  First of all, the individual may want to speak with an attorney to understand what is involved prior to filing a petition for adjudicated parentage in Texas.

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