Abbott signs sweeping child welfare overhaul into law


Texas Child Protective ServicesChild Protective Services received vast criticism for its oversight of the Texas Child Protective Services. The crisis effecting the current Texas’ child welfare system partially exits because of reports of children lost in the system and few families become reunited.

Texas Child Protective Services

Lawmakers accepted the challenge to find new solutions to ensure that both families and children are protected. The bill past by the 2017 legislature overhauls the current child welfare system. Governor Abbott recently signed the bill into law. Read more in the USA Article, Abbott signs sweeping child welfare overhaul into law.  Time will tell if this bill produces the positive changes it is intended too.  Critics say that it doesn’t do enough while those that voted for the bill feel it is a good step in the right direction.  Continued evaluation of the success of the bill should be monitored.  Texans want their money used wisely and their children kept safe.

Improving the lives of Texas children

Many of us may never have an interaction with Texas’ Child Protective Services it is important that all Texas understand the challenges within the Texas child welfare system.  The challenges affect the lives of thousands of Texas Families, their children, the parent’s employers, and society as a whole.  The Texas child welfare system must have adequate resources.  Texans should demand efficient use of those resources to better service Texas.    As Texas citizens, we must put our children first and demand that lawmakers and administrators seek to balance the assistance of government and the sanctity of the family. The children of Texas are the future of Texas.  Your children at the future of Texas.

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