Adjudicate Parentage

Adjudicate Parentage

It is possible for someone to be legally declared the parent of a child. There can be many reasons that this needs to be done. The child may be in the custody of someone that is not providing a safe home or a person may be able to provide benefits to a child if they are declared the legal parent.

The adjudicate parent judgment gives the person who is declared the legal parent full parental rights for the child. This means they are able to make decisions for the child and they will be able to manage a child’s finances. A person can be given all of the parental rights over a child or they can be given some of the parental rights. It depends on the situation and the needs of the child.

Adjudicate parentage can be used for a variety of reasons. The most common reasons to petition for adjudicate parentage involve paternity testing that shows a person is the natural parent of a child and in the case of adoption of a child. A person that marries another person that has children may petition the courts for adjudicate parentage to gain parental rights over the step children.

The steps involved including the filing of the necessary paperwork along with the proper documents need by the courts to make this judgment.

People often have the following types of question:

  • How can I prove that I am the child’s dad?
  • How can be declared my child’s parent?
  • How can I gain custody of a step child?
  • What does it mean to adjudicate parentage?
  • Does an acknowledgment of paternity or AOP make me a parent?
  • Do I have the right to make decisions for my child?


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