Affordable Family Law

Affordable Family Law

The number one reason people don’t get the representation they need the cost of hiring an attorney. Making family law affordable allows people to get the legal help, regardless of income.

Family law is the area of law that deals with family matters and domestic relations. This includes areas such as divorce, child custody, domestic partnerships, paternity testing, juvenile adjudication, child abuse and others. Without the right legal representation a person may not get what they deserve in the courts.

In order to make family law affordable, the use of limited scope representation can be used. This will give a person the legal representation they need for specific areas such as the filing of paperwork with the court and can be done at a lower cost. It is also possible to find Pro Bono representation for some cases. Self-help aids and other means are also available for the people that need legal representation in family matters but think they cannot afford them.

People often have the following types of question:

  • Can I represent myself in a divorce?
  • How can I get a Pro Bono lawyer?
  • Can I get a lawyer for free?
  • Can I get free legal assistance?
  • Can I get a court appointed attorney?
  • How do I dissolve a domestic partnership?
  • What are my custody of my child?
  • Do I need a divorce if I have a common law marriage?



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