Governor Abbott signs radical welfare reform in law in Texas

Texas Child Protective Services is in crisis. He has been criticized for his supervision of foster care. The agency has been accused of losing track of the child placed under his care. Children placed in foster care and family care cannot be located after placement.

Also, few families ever meet. Besides, parents struggle to navigate the current system. Critics demand better Texas children.

Texas Child Protective Services

Texas Child Protective Services

Recently, lawmakers in August took on the task of fixing the system. The objectives are to ensure that both families and children are protected.
In May of 2017, Governor Abbot signed a new bill. Read more in the Texas Tribune article.  The legislator provided more tax dollars to the agency to improve staffing and services.
Therefore, time will tell if this invoice produces the positive changes that are also intended. Critics say he does not do enough. However, while those who voted for the bill feel that it is a good step in the right direction, the continuous evaluation of the success of the law must be monitored. Texans want their money to be used wisely and for their children to stay safe.

Improving the lives of Texas children

First of all, many of us can never have an interaction with the Texas Child Protective Services. However, it is crucial for all of Texas to understand the challenges within the Texas child welfare system.

Because issues affect the lives of thousands of families, children, employers, and society in Texas, we must monitor these problems. There is no doubt that the Texas child welfare system must have adequate resources. Texans must demand an efficient use of those funds to improve the lives of Texas children.

Our children come first. Therefore, legislators and the administrator must balance government assistance and the sanctity of the family. Our children of Texas are the future.

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