Child Support Lawyer

It is possible that two adults can agree when it comes to providing financial support for their children. Families that live in one household do this all of the time. When a child does not live with both parents, the ability to provide fair and equitable child support can be more difficult.

Two parents that no longer live together can agree with how much each will contribute to the care of their children on their own. These agreements are complicated to enforce and do not always work well. A legal agreement is more binding, and a court order of child support is often the best way to make sure that the children have the financial support they need.

Child Support Lawyer

Child support lawyers can create the agreements or work to get the court ordered child support so that the payments are enforceable. The child support lawyers can also work with existing agreements that are not working well or that are unfair to one or both parties. They can work to increase, decrease and eliminate child support agreements and orders. Things can change over time, and that could affect the child support agreement.

Lawyers specializing in either getting a court to order child support or working to collect child support. If you don’t already know a good child support lawyer, try a lawyer referral service such as the Texas Lawyer Referral Service, or TxLRS, and look for Divorce Lawyers or Family Law Lawyers.

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