Visitation Enforcement

It is not always enough to have a visitation agreement in place. Although that agreement will tell a parent how often, how long, the type of visitation, the financial responsibility and other things that pertain to a parent visiting the child, it does not guarantee that the parents will do to what is in the agreement. When a parent breaches the visitation agreement, it may become necessary to enlist help to get visitation enforcement of the agreement.

Visitation Enforcement

Parents will have reasons that they violate the terms of a visitation agreement. No-payment of child support or feeling that the other parent is not providing a safe environment for the child are common reasons for a parent to try to withhold visitation. The problem is that doing this unilaterally may cause more problems than it resolves.

Visitation enforcement can be handled in many different ways. The visitation agreement can include arbitration and mediation to help resolve disputes that parents have. It may also be necessary to go to court to deal with a visitation agreement that is not being followed. All of this can be done with the help of visitation assistance services. It is never a good idea to try to resolve visitation issues without the help of legal assistance. If there are changed needed in an agreement, it is best handled by a professional.

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