Visitation Assistance

There are many parents that are not able to see their children as much as they want. When the reason for this is because one parent does not allow the other parent access to the child, there may be a remedy. The courts and lawyers can help establish visitation agreements that spell out exactly when, where, how long and what type of visitation apparent should have. To get an agreement like this, it may be necessary to turn to some form of visitation assistance.

Visitation Assistance

Visitation assistance can come in different forms. It could help with filling out the forms and collecting the documents that are needed to appear in court. It could be visitation assistance determining what types of visitation a person should get. For people that already have a visitation agreement in place, the visitation assistance could come in the form of working to change or amend the visitation agreement. This type of assistance could be the key to a parent getting the type of visitation that they and their child need and deserve.

People often have the following types of questions:

  • What do I do when the mother says I can’t see my child?
  • Can the mother keep my child from me?
  • How do I find my child?
  • How do I enforce visitation in Texas?
  • Why can the mother keep my child from me?
  • Can I get free assistance to help with visitation?
  • Will a pro bono attorney help me get visitation?
  • What if I can’t afford a lawyer and the mother will not let me see my child?
  • Do I have to pay child support to see my child?
  • Can I stop paying child support if I am not allowed to see my child?
  • How is child visitation enforced?
  • What do I do if I don’t get to see my child?
  • What does supervised visitation mean?
  • How is supervised visitation different from regular child visitation?Who supervises supervised visitation
  • Why do I have to have supervised visitation?
  • How can I put my child’s father on supervised visitation?
  • Why don’t mothers get visitation?
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