Child Support Enforcement

During child custody battles, one of the parties may be ordered by the court to pay child support. This money can be used in many ways for the welfare of the child. The court will decide how much child support is to be paid by an individual, when it is supposed to be paid and to who it is supposed to be paid. All of this will take the form of a court order.

Child Support Enforcement

Getting the court order of child support is only the beginning; the enforcement of this order may require more effort. There is no guarantee that the court order for child support will be filed. The Office of the Attorney General monitors child support orders, but much of the enforcement depends on the individuals involved in the case. If a person is owed child support, they can bring a suit for the enforcement of the order. If a person paying child support feels the receiving party of the child support is not using the money as ordered, they can also bring a suit for enforcement.

In either case, legal representation for child support enforcement is essential. Working with the OAG, the legal team can help get results quickly. They can make sure payments are timely.

People often have the following types of questions:

  • Do I get credit for child support paid to the mom?
  • Why do I have to pay my child support to the Office of the Attorney General of Texas?
  • How does child support enforcement work?
  • Who is responsible for child support enforcement?
  • What do I do if I received a petition for child support enforcement?
  • Can the mother enforce child support?
  • How do I defend myself against a child support action?
  • How long does a child support enforcement action last?
  • Do I still have to pay if the kid drops out of school?
  • Do I have to pay if it is not my kid?
  • Do I have to pay if my name is on the birth certificate?
  • Do I have to pay if I have signed an acknowledgment of paternity?
  • Do I have to pay if we were married when the child was born?
  • Are child support enforcement issued against the mother?
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