How to Get Custody of Your Children In Texas

Determining Child Custody in Texas

  If you are getting divorced or separating from your partner, you will have to determine how custody and visitation (possession and access) of your children will work… Read More

Posted: 7-11-2017

How to Establish Visitation in Texas with Your Children

Parents are fortunate in Texas because the courts strive to enable them to remain active in their child’s life. This means that even if one parent is appointed as the main conservator of the child, there is a good possibility that the other parent will have ongoing rights to visitation in Texas. Read More

Posted: 6-22-2017

Understanding Father’s Rights in Texas

If you are ending a relationship with a woman with whom you have had a child you may be wondering what your rights are as the child’s father. A man can only obtain a father’s rights in Texas if he is considered the legal father under the Uniform Parentage Act (Texas Family Code Section 160 et seq.). But once the legal requirements are met to prove that you are the child’s father, you have numerous rights, including: Read More

Posted: 4-18-2017

Understanding Guardianship in Texas

Because a guardianship effectively restricts the civil rights of the ward, these legal arrangements are strictly administered by the court system. Guardianship in Texas is a complex process and an expensive one. Read More

Posted: 4-13-2017

Child Custody in Texas: When a Parent Wants to Move a Child Out of State

Family courts in Texas prefer to enable children to spend time with both parents after a divorce. This means that both parents share in making major decisions, and that the child will likely divide their time between living with both parents. Such an arrangement is known as a joint managing conservatorship. Read More

Posted: 3-20-2017

Teaching Your Child Responsibility

In the recent book, How to Raise an Adult, published by Julies Lythcott-Haims giving children chores at an early age can help them develop life-long skills needed to be successful as an adult. Read More

Posted: 2-12-2017

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