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America Family Law Center strives to help families with Free Family Law Assistance.  The goal is to help close the Justice Gap for low-income Texans.  The organization seeks to make as many services as possible free to the public.  The organization focuses on providing greater access to justice to low-income Texans.  Additional services are provided to clients.

Public Services – Free Family Law Assistance

America Family Law Center makes available, for free, to the public, the following public services:

  • educational materials for parents and parenting,
  • publications from the State Bar of Texas and other agencies,
  • facilitate access to resources such as and lawyer referral service,
  • referrals to parenting programs recognized by the courts and others,
  • family law hotline (cannot advise caller on a specific case),
  • collaboration on parenting resources,
  • facilitate access to divorce and single-parent resources,
  • programs and resources for incarcerated parents (temporarily discontinued), and
  • a call-in radio talk show focused on family law issues (temporarily discontinued).

For Clients

In addition to the public services listed above, America Family Law Center makes available, for a fee, to its clients, the following Client Services:

  • access to unlimited consultations with licensed family law staff attorneys
  • legal questions answered by knowledgeable, licensed family law staff attorneys
  • strategize your case, formulate plans, learn what an attorney says you can and can’t do
  • know your rights – as a custodial parent, non-custodial parent, grandparent, or caregiver
  • learn what an attorney would advise you to do, or not do, in various situations
  • professional team member to provide information and help you non-legal questions
  • assistance with detailed parenting plans to help identify a plan that works for you
  • assistance with a demand letter or notice
  • preparation for mediation to obtain the best possible outcome
  • have your legal documents and forms reviewed by a licensed attorney
  • understand what your existing court documents mean, your rights, your obligations
  • help to prepare for your day in court
  • learn how the family law courts and legal system function
  • access to services and assistance specifically for self-represented parties
  • access to resources explicitly related to family law matters
  • 24×7 access to online file storage of your administrative paperwork
  • 24×7 access to online file storage of your legal documents
  • learn how to have a person served
  • learn how to file your documents with the clerk
  • access to referrals to reduced fee process services
  • access to referrals to reduced fee investigative services
  • access to staff assistance with general, non-legal, matters

After credits, the remainder of the fee to the client for Client Services typically ranges from $0 to $700. Client Services typically continues for an entire year with no additional fee to America Family Law Center.  Client Services includes only those services provided by the offices of America Family Law Center.  

Client Services does not include: an attorney going to court with clients; filing documents; payment of any filing fees; a process of service; fees for a process of service; private investigations; fees for investigative services; drafting legal documents; responding to discovery requests; subpoenaing witnesses; performing depositions; and others. Client Services may include referrals to and discounts for some services that are not included in Client Services.

America Family Law Center’s staff attorneys and trained legal staff work with our clients to help get their case or situation resolved with the best possible outcome. Many situations can be resolved without a contested legal case. Most family law cases are resolved through mediation, agreement, or by default – few require a contested court trial for resolution.  Outside attorneys are typically available for an additional fee for those occasions when a contested court hearing is required.  America Family Law Center does not prohibit or discourage its clients from hiring an attorney to represent them in their case, but any such engagement would be by and between the client and the attorney and would be entirely separate and apart from the Client Services provided by America Family Law Center.

Closing the Justice Gap


It is widely recognized that many people with family law-related matters neither have the financial means to hire an attorney traditionally nor they do they receive legal aid – referred to as the Justice Gap.  America Family Law Center strives to help those people in the Justice Gap by offering free family law assistance.  If a person has the means to hire an attorney traditionally, America Family Law Center encourages them to do so.  If a person is offered legal aid, America Family Law Center invites them to take advantage of it.  However, for those who have a family law-related matter, cannot afford an attorney, and do not receive legal aid, then America Family Law Center may be able to help.

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