Child Visitation Assistance

Childs visitation agreements can include many different things. They can include the length of visits and what is allowed during the visitation. Sometime supervised visitation is ordered. Child custody and visitation agreements can be complicated. Child visitation assistance can help.

Child visitation assistance can make sure that all of the terms of the agreement are being followed or the agreement needs to be changed. It can also help take the steps when the agreement is not being followed by one or both of the parents.

People often have the following types of questions:

  • What is child visitation assistance?
  • How do I get visitation assistance?
  • Who qualifies for the visitation assistance?
  • Does the Texas Attorney General Office provide visitation assistance?
  • Is there legal aid for non-custodial parents?
  • Can non-custodial parents get assistance with their child visitation?
  • Why is visitation assistance a legal referral?
  • Does visitation assistance provide legal help or access to lawyers?

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