Child Visitation Assistance

Child visitation agreements can include many different things.  Sometimes they can be quite complicated.  Parents may need assistance understanding the intricacies of these agreements.  The non-custodial parent may not fully understand how to correctly exercise his or her visitation resulting non-enforceable denial of that visitation.  Other times the custodial parent may not understand the consequences of denying the non-custodial parent his or her court-ordered child visitation.

Typically the child visitation agreement will include the length of visits and what is allowed during the visitation. In some situations, it will even identify an alternative exchange location or specify what happens if one of the parents move.   In other situations, supervised visitation is ordered. Child custody and visitation agreements can be complicated. Child visitation assistance can help.

Child Visitation Assistance

Child visitation assistance can help a parent understand all the terms of the agreement are being followed or the agreement needs to be changed.  If the child visitation agreement is no longer working for the parents, child visitation assistance can also help determine what type of modification may be necessary for the agreement to be workable again.

By educating each parent about their responsibility spelled out in the child visitation agreement.  This assistance can identify step to take when the agreement is not being followed by one or both of the parents.  This help may be putting the other parent on notice that you intend to exercise the child visitation agreement, seeking an enforcement action, or seeking a modification through the family law courts.

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