Visitation Lawyers

When parents are no longer together it is not uncommon for disputes to occur.  Visitation lawyers help parents to understand their rights.  Visitation lawyers can help with getting visitation rights established in the court and to help resolve later issues.  When a parent is denied visitation with their child a visitation lawyer can help with enforcing the current court order or if necessary help to modify the current court order.

Visitation Lawyers and The Visitation Agreement

Visitation Lawyers
Courts often have a specific requirement for visitation agreements.  Seeking the assistance of a visitation lawyer helps ensure that the rights of the parent and child are protected.   The initial visitation agreement must cover many different areas than the schedule of visits, exchange locations, and geographic consideration.  Most people only consider the visitation schedule. Missing out on key elements in a visitation agreement can result in unnecessary disputes in the future.  It is important to have a well-written visitation order.

Often situations change over time.  When parent move or the child’s needs change the visitation schedule may need to be changed as well.  A visitation lawyer can reopen the agreement and request it be amended to reflect those necessary changes.  This called a modification.  The modification must be written to be enforceable to have the desired effect of dealing with the changed situation.  The modification must be filed and approved by the court to become enforceable.

Visitation lawyer can also be helpful when the visitation agreement is violated.  Whether it is the custodial parent denying visitation or the non-custodial parent not returning the child as requires a visitation lawyer can help.

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