Unemployed and Struggling with Child Support

The COVID-19 crisis has shuttered many business that have left many unemployed and unable to pay child support. Unemployment claims are at an all time high. Officials state that they are not sure when the economy will recover.

So What About My Child Support

If you are not able to pay your child support you will quickly accumulate arrears. The Attorney General Office and the custodial parent may want to seek remedy in the court. Don't be held in contempt of your court order as a result of non-payment.

Many parents are struggling to pay child support in the wake of mass layoff and termination due to COVID-19.
Child Support

Non-custodial parents that are facing a significant decease in their income may want to seek to have their child support reduced. In the current stay-at-home (shelter-in-place) this also proves difficult as many courts are not holding hearing. However, getting a Petition on file with court can start the clock as to when you filed or started the process to have your child support reviewed. America Family Law Center does recommend non-custodial parent look into this option and whether or not it is appropriate for their situation.

Stimulus Check

The Cares Act was signed on March 27, 2020 offers some relief. Millions of America will be receiving a much needed stimulus check in the near future.

Stimulus checks are expected in the next 3 weeks.

The CARE Act provide up to $1,200 for individual who earn less then $75,000. Married couple who make less then $150,000 can receive up to $2,400. Those with children will get an extra $500 per child.

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