Family Law FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Provided below is a list of question and answers commonly asked of America Family Law Center. Also included are some frequently asked questions about America Family Law Center.  This list is not all-inclusive but a good start to get some fundamental questions answered.  America Family Law Center strives to assist individuals in all matters of family law.   If you have additional questions please contact our organization so that we can assist you further.  We are here to help.
Family Law Frequently Asked Questions

What services does America Family Law Center Provide?

America Family Law Center provides a variety of services.  Many services are free to the public.  Other services are part of our Client Service Plan.  For more information see our Services Page.

Does America Family Law Center provide free service?

Yes, there are several free services available to the public.  For more information see our Services Page.

You are a non-profit, does that mean your services are free?

It is a common misconception that all services provided by a non-profit must be free.  At America Family Law Center we have both free services and some services that may require a fee.  Any services with a fee associated are highly subsidized so that those services can; they at the lowest cost possible to the individual.

What services do the volunteer attorneys provide?

Volunteer attorneys are vital to subsidizing and keeping the cost of our services as low as possible.  Volunteer attorneys meet with the individual in our office to provide the individual with valuable legal case advice to help the individual resolve their family law situation.

What is Pro Se?

This is a term used by the courts to identify someone that is representing himself/herself.   Being Pro Se does not mean that you can not work with an attorney to get sound legal advice on your situation.  It means that the attorney that you seek the advice from will not be your attorney of record in your case.  The attorney will not be making a court appearance on your behalf.

Do you go to court with me?

You get an attorney for unlimited service here in our office.   Most hearings are merely administrative.  Although many cases have a hearing setting less than 1% of people that seek our services have a contested hearing.  The attorney will help you prepare all hearings contested or not contested but will not be with you at the hearing.

Should I be concerned about reviews of attorneys or organizations?

Although reviews are intended to help, people make sound decisions about choosing services they can also lead to misinformation.  It is not uncommon for judges, attorneys, and legal organizations to have a mixed bag when it comes to reviews.  Read the reviews and ask questions.  Is the reviewer accurate in the services provided by the attorney or organization or are they off base.  The most significant indicator of the service is going to be your personal experience.  Were they helpful?  Did they seem knowledgeable?  It is your case so you should make your own evaluation based on your needs.

What type of situations does America Family Law Center help with?

Family Law.

What areas of the country does America Family Law Center provide services for?

America Family Law Center only provides services within Texas at this time.

Do I have to live nearby to get services?

No, we can help you as long as your case is in Texas.

Will my situations result in a court case?

Not necessarily.  Many situations get resolved without a hearing/court case.  Some will result in a hearing being scheduled.  However, only about 1% of the individuals we serve will have a contested hearing.

Does America Family Law Center provide Process of Service?

No, it required a certified process server.

Can I bring children to your office?

It is best not to bring children.  We understand that sometimes it is unavoidable.  Sometimes children will not be allowed to accompany you to a meeting.  Children must be supervised by an adult all times while in our office or the building.  You are responsible for ensuring that your child does not become disruptive or damage any property of others. Staff members are not allowed to watch anyone’s child.

How often will I have to visit your office?

Every situation and every individual is different.  We want you to work with us as much as you need to.  This is why you have unlimited access to the staff and attorneys with your Client Service Plan.  Many of our services can be provided remotely reducing the need for you to come into our offices.  We strive to provide convenient access to justice.

How often many times can I talk to the attorneys?

Under the Client Services Plan, you will have unlimited access to the attorneys and staff at America Family Law Center.

Do you help Spanish speaking people?

Yes, we have bilingual staff.  We provide both text messaging and email messaging in the individual’s preferred language.

Does immigration status matter?


Can you refer me to an attorney?

Yes, through the Texas Lawyer Referral Services (TxLRS).  TxLRS is a certified lawyer referral service operated under America Family Law Center’s 501(c)(3) status.

What is expected of me?

Actively work on your case and follow the direction and advice of the attorneys at America Family Law Center.

How do I qualify for America Family Law Center?

Every situation needs to be evaluated to determine if it is appropriate for our services.

Who determines if I qualify for America Family Law Center?

Each will be scheduled with an in-take director to determine if their situation is appropriate for our services.

Who gives legal advice at America Family Law Center?

Only attorneys can give legal advice.  Other staff may assist you with a variety of different services, but only the attorneys will provide you with legal advice.

Do I get a Pro Bono attorney?

No. The term “Pro Bono attorney” is often a myth or is misused.  Sometimes an attorney may take a case at no charge, or pro bono.  AFLC has a staff attorney that is paid by AFLC and not directly by the client.  Other attorneys that work in our offices are volunteers who give of their time to assist individuals in our offices as part of the person’s Client Service Plan.

What if I need an attorney to represent me?

The attorneys at America Family Law Center are not allowed to solicit your business.  If in the future you are interested in additional services from one of the attorneys you may speak to a Client Service team member.

Do I need to have a copy my court orders?

Yes if you have an existing case.  You should have a copy of your court orders.  Be sure a Judge signs your papers.  If a Judge does not sign them, they are not court orders, they are merely paper with print on them.

How do I get a copy my court orders?

Go to the District Clerk’s Office in the county of your case, typically at the courthouse.  You can typically request to look at your court file and get a copy of any document in the file.  They may charge you a fee for making a copy. Click here for a list of District Clerk Offices and their addresses in and around Harris County, Texas.

What if I have more than one case?

If both cases are family law case then America Family Law Center will assist you with both cases.

Will I need to go to court?

Every situation is different. Some situations are resolved through education and communication.   If your situation does not get resolved through education or communication, then it may progress to a hearing.

Will I need legal documents?

If you are going to have a court hearing, then Yes.  A person typically must file a legal document to get a court hearing and to describe what is is they are asking the court to do.

How do I get legal documents?

America Family Law Center can refer you to resources to help you with legal documents.  Such resources may include a law firm, law library, or online forms.  If you use online forms, be sure they are proper and approved by the state, such as those at  As part of your client services at America Family Law Center, it is advisable that you review your documents or forms with an attorney.

Will I need to have the other party served?

Typically, it is required to have the other party served to pursue and enforcement.  Each case and situation may vary, so please consult an attorney regarding your specific case or situation.  As part of your client services at America Family Law Center, the attorneys will review your case and advise you on what needs to be done.

What is Service of Process?

Service of Process is the process legally required to have an opposing party in a case served, or given notice, that you are pursuing a lawsuit against them.  Laws don’t allow you to sue someone without providing them with legal notice that you are pursuing a lawsuit against them, or how would they be able to defend themselves?  Click here for a more detailed explanation of service of process and ways to have people served.  As part of your client services at America Family Law Center, you should ask an attorney your questions about Service of Process when you consult with the attorney.

How do I get someone served?

America Family Law Center can refer you to resources which can serve the opposing party.  The state must license people authorized to perform Process of Service and typically charge a fee for their service.  Each process server may charge a different price.  Licensed process servers usually include Constables, Sheriff Deputies, and private process servers.

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