Third-round Stimulus Checks and Child Support

Many Americans have heard about the forthcoming third-round stimulus checks that are being proposed, but not how owing back child support or other debt may affect your payment.

The House of Representatives passed the American Rescue Plan. The next step is for Congress to vote to approve the plan before any stimulus check can be issued forward. The $1.9 trillion plan will provide for the third round of stimulus.

What to Expect from the Third-round Stimulus and Child Support

The third-round of stimulus is expected to be released around March 14, 2021. The plan provides $1,400 for a person earning $75,000 or less. The plan also provides for an additional payment of $1,400 per dependent for qualifying individuals and families. If you are wondering how much you are eligible for, check out the stimulus calculator. The amount of the stimulus could still change before the final vote.

Child Support

If you haven't already filed your 2019 and 2020 tax returns you may want to file as soon as possible so that there is no delay in getting your stimulus check. If your 2019 income is too high but your income in 2020 is lower you may want to file your 2020 return since your eligibility will be based on your most recent tax return. Do not delay.

The American Rescue Plan does not protect the third-round stimulus from past debts including back child support and taxes. If you aren't sure what you owe for back child support you can get a Financial Activity Report from the Office of the Attorney General.

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