Parental Plans

Parents all have dreams about their children when they are born. They may plan on the child going to college or becoming a star athlete. These are not necessarily parenting plans. They are dreams for the child. The parent may try to figure out ways that they can help the child reach the dreams they have set, but they do not necessarily put these dreams into a formal plan. Instead they work together to help their child achieve what can be reached.

Parenting plans are often necessary when the parents of a child are not working together or living together. They are often included in the divorce process to makes sure that the welfare of the child is protected. In many places, parenting plan is required by the courts. The parenting plan can include many different areas. Typical things that are included in the parenting plan include: visitation times and lengths, schools that are attended and who is responsible for paying for them, child support, physical and mental health care, contact with other relatives and family and any other area that requires a mutual decision by both parents. One of the most important things to include in a parenting plan is a method of resolving disputes. Including areas such as mediation and arbitration and how disputes can be settled for the good of the child will allow parents to know exactly what will happen when they cannot agree on how to care for the child.

The parenting plan is something that should cover all of the possible areas that involve the care of the child. It is essential that everything is clearly stated and understood by all parties involved.

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