Limited Scope Representation

People do not often check with a lawyer for two reasons. The first is that they do not know a lawyer that can help. The second is that they are afraid the lawyer will cost too much money to hire. One of the ways around this is to look for a lawyer that provides limited scope representation.

Limited Scoop Representation

In a case involving limited scope representation, the individual and the attorney agree that the lawyer will handle some aspects of the case and the individual will be responsible for the other parts. It can reduce the amount of time that an attorney will spend working on a case and may be an affordable option in many cases.

Limited scope representation can be used in cases such as getting legal advice about an issue, dealing with child support or custody in a divorce case and as a coach for an individual that is representing themselves in a court. One of the most common types of limited scope representation is in the preparation or the reviewing of legal documents. The attorney can make sure that everything in the documents is appropriately prepared to satisfy the law.

The cost of limited scope representation will depend on what services are provided and the fees that a lawyer charges for their work.

People often have the following types of questions:

  • Do I need an attorney?
  • Can a lawyer help me with only part of my case?
  • When do I need an attorney?
  • How do I decrease my legal fees?
  • Can I just pay for legal advice?
  • Can I hire a lawyer just to help me prepare legal paperwork?
  • Can I hire an attorney to go to court with me?
  • Can I hire an attorney only for what I need?
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