Child Visitation

Just because a child does not live with both parents doesn’t mean that both parents shouldn’t be involved in the child’s life. It is crucial that the parents can work out a child visitation agreement that is fair. It should also be safe for the child.

The legal representation can write all the terms of the child visitation into a visitation agreement. These included areas such as how often a child stays with a parent, where the child lives and specific a holiday schedule.   Transferring of custody between the two parents for the visitation schedule can be addressed.  In some cases, it can also include supervised visitation.

Child Visitation

It is vital that all of the terms of the agreement are spelled out so that there is no question of what will happen with the child.  Violation of the visitation agreement is a reason to seek legal assistance. Reaching a child visitation agreement that focuses on the child often requires the parents to put aside some emotions to come up with the best plan for the child. Child custody lawyers and divorce attorneys can help formalize visitation agreements and file them with the courts making them enforceable.

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