Abbott signs sweeping child welfare overhaul into law

Los Servicios de Protección Infantil de Texas está en crisis.  Ha sido criticado por su supervisión del cuidado de crianza.  La agencia ha sido acusada de perder la pista del niño puesto bajo su cuidado.  Los niños colocados en hogares de guarda y en el cuidado de familiares no pueden ser ubicados después de la colocación. Read More

Posted: 7-12-2017

Understanding Guardianship in Texas

In Texas, guardianship is often confused with the conservatorship of a minor child.  Guardianship is for a person over 18-years of age when needs to have another person assisting with decision-making. Read More

Posted: 5-25-2017

What  Are  My  Parental  Rights in  Texas?

Parenting is regarded as one of the toughest jobs in the world. That is doubly true when divorce enters the picture. What was difficult when a couple was together can begin to seem impossible once they separate. Read More

Posted: 4-20-2017

What Is a Possession and Access Order in Texas?

A Possession and Access Order in Texas is a type of court order issued by family courts that governs child visitation rights. The court can decide to issue a “Standard Possession and Access Order” under Texas Family Code sections 153.3101-153.317 or a non-standard order. Read More

Posted: 4-6-2017

Child Custody

Child Custody When A Parent Moves Out of State

Child Custody court orders specify the legal obligation of both parents related to the child custody as well as the possession and access of the child.  Often the court order will also address what happens if one of the parent moves. Read More

Posted: 3-2-2017

Teaching Children Responsibility

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