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Pro bono lawyers in Houston do exist. However, the amount of time that each lawyer is able to dedicate to pro bono services can vary.  When a lawyer takes on a case pro bono they often will offer free consultations or even represent you in a legal proceeding at either no cost or a reduced fee.

It can be a challenge to find pro bono legal services.  Working with an organization that provides free or reduced fee legal services may be the place to start.  These organizations may offer unbundled services or limited scope services that can help you resolve your legal situation without the expense of traditional representation.  Often times these services can provide you with valuable insight into your situation and what options are legally available to you.

Family Law Pro Bono Lawyer and Legal Assistance

If you are needing assistance with a family law related matter, America Family Law Center may an excellent resource.  America Family Law Center provides legal assistance in all matters related to family law including child custody, child support, divorce, visitation, kinship placement, and adoption.  America Family Law Center assists parent, grandparents, and caregivers.

In addition, America Family Law Center has a program that will pay for an attorney to represent you if you and our situation qualify.  This program is called the Courtroom Assistance Program, or CAP.

Legal Assistance

There are many reasons why individuals seek out a pro bono lawyer or reduced fee legal assistance. One reason is to escape an abusive relationship without leaving a paper trail of payments to a lawyer.  If you are indigent or have limited financial resources you may not have the financial ability to pay for traditional legal services.  Seeking a pro bono lawyer or reduced fee legal assistance can help you resolve your legal situation.

In some circumstances, you may only need guidance on what your legal rights are and how best to protect them.  Reduced fee legal assistance may be the best resource for you.  America Family Law Center offers a variety of services to assist people facing family law situations. Ideal for people facing legal action for the first time or those unsure what to expect.

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