Pro Bono Lawyer

Pro Bono Lawyers

People with a legal problem often seek pro bono lawyers because most people think that legal help is expensive. They are often right. Many people do not get the legal help they need because they are concerned that they will not be able to pay for the help they need. They worry that the cost of legal help is more than the price of the legal problems they face. Find pro bono assistance is a solution.

Court-appointed Attorneys

Many people think that courts appoint Pro bono lawyers are appointed by the courts to handle the case of a person who cannot afford legal representation. In criminal cases, this may be the situation, but in family law court-appointed attorneys paid by the court are rare.  This typically only happens when a client is facing jail time or the termination of a right. In this situation, the lawyer is paid and works for the court system.

In other family law cases, the court may appoint a lawyer to act as an ad litem attorney for a child for the missing party.  This cost is often passed on to the individual that brought the lawsuit.  So court-appointed attorneys maybe are paid and not always pro bono assistance.

Contingency Attorneys

It is important to not confuse a pro bono attorney with that of a contingency attorney.  Contingency attorneys are rare in family law. A Contingency attorney takes a case and is paid on if there is a settlement of some type.  Then the compensation is based on a predetermined percentage of the settlement.

Find the Right Help

Finding the right legal assistance is important. Finding pro bono lawyers might be the right solution but hard to find. So you may want to look into legal aid or a program that offers legal assistance with a low-bono, limited-scope, or small co-pay option. There are far more options than most people realize with faced with legal struggles.

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