Pro Bono Lawyers

Most people think that hiring a lawyer is expensive. They are often right. Many people do not get the legal help they need because they are worried that they cannot afford the help they need. They worry that the cost of the lawyer will be more than the price of the legal issues that they face. Pro Bono lawyers can help people that find themselves in this situation.

Pro Bono Lawyers

Many people think that Pro Bono lawyers are assigned by the courts to handle the case of a person that cannot afford legal representation. This is not the case. Court-appointed lawyers are paid for the work they do. Instead of being paid by the client, the court-appointed lawyers are paid for by the courts. Pro Bono lawyers are not paid by the client or the court.

Pro Bono lawyers can do many different things. They may offer help for people that need to make sure any contracts or agreements that they sign are fair and legal. They may help couples that are going through a divorce or child custody battles. Pro Bono lawyers can help with criminal and civil cases.

Some law firms expect their lawyers to perform a certain amount of Pro Bono work. The firm will allow their lawyers to take time off to complete Pro Bono work. It is up to the lawyer and the law firms they work for to decide what type of Pro Bono service work they provide. For people that need the legal help, but cannot afford it, finding a Pro Bono lawyer may be the answer.

People often have the following types of questions:

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  • Can a Pro Bono attorney get me a divorce?
  • Can I get a divorce, Pro Bono?
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