Child Custody Lawyers

A family law attorney who specializes in child custody is often called a child custody attorney. A child custody lawyer is a lawyer who specializes in getting their client’s sole custody, full custody, legal custody, joint custody, shared custody, emergency custody, or temporary custody of their child.  A child custody lawyer is often also referred to as a child custody attorney.

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A child custody lawyer typically gets involved in a custody battle during a divorce, separation, or when parents are having a child custody disagreement. Lawyers that specialize in child custody can create custody agreements that help with the care and the welfare of the child.

Some people get confused with Custody vs Conservatorship. Custody is the possession of a child. Conservatorship is the rights and duties pertaining to a child.

Parents will too often look for a pro bono child custody lawyer, or a cheap child custody lawyer when in reality they should look for the best child custody lawyer or the top-rated child custody lawyer. Remember, with a free lawyer you often get what you pay for, nothing.

Sometimes parents enter into a custody agreement and avoid the need for a custody battle.

Grounds for getting sole custody or a child, or getting full custody of a child vary but are typically very difficult. Getting full custody of a child basically means taking the child away from their other parent because the other parent will have no custody. Joint custody means the child gets to spend some time with both parents.

Custody orders are often called Parenting Plans. Custody time is often referred to as parenting time.

Either parent can have primary custody of their child. It is not supposed to matter whether the parent is the female parent or the male parent.

Child Custody by Mom

Often times the dad gets primary custody of the child.  The best interest of the child will be the primary consideration of the judge.

Child Custody by Dad

Emotions play a significant role in how parents make decisions about a child. Proper legal representation and guidance can help a person that feels overwhelmed by emotions to get the parental rights that they want and need.

People often have the following types of questions:

  • Do I need a family law attorney?
  • How do I get visitation or access to my child?
  • What if I am not married to the mother?
  • How do I find a divorce lawyer?
  • How do I know if a lawyer is any good?
  • How do I get rights to my child?
  • How do I have child support enforced?
  • How do I get child support that is owed to me?
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