Child Custody Lawyers

Child custody lawyers help in a variety of situations.  It is rarely cut and dried in cases where the parents of the children are not living together.  From time to time child custody issue arise for parents that are living together but not married.

Lawyers that specialize in child custody can create the agreements that help with the care and the welfare of the child. A child custody lawyer may also be known as a divorce lawyer or a family law lawyer.

Divorce is a common occurrence. Children may also be born to parents who are not married. Despite the fact that the parents do not live together, they both can have parental rights.  In some situations, a child custody lawyer help with an Acknowledgement of Paternity (AOP) or Adjudicated Parentage.  Also, the lawyer can help set up a parenting plan that specifies the responsibility of each parent.

Child Custody Lawyers

That plan can include areas such as child support, visitation, paternity testing, education, medical care and religious upbringing along with other decisions that have to be made by both parents. Without the help of child custody lawyer, a person may not get the agreement that they want for the child and themselves.  It is essential to have a parenting plan that works for both parents.  Workable plans have a much higher success rate and reduce the need for future litigation or modifications.  It is essential when establishing a parenting plan that both parents think about what is in the best interest of the child.  The best interest of the child will be the primary consideration of the judge.

Emotions play a significant role in how parents make decisions about a child. The right legal representation can help a person that feels overwhelmed by emotions to get the parental rights that they want and need.

People often have the following types of question:

  • Do I need a family law attorney?
  • How do I get visitation or access to my child?
  • What if I am not married to the mother?
  • How do I find a divorce lawyer?
  • How do I know if a lawyer is any good?
  • How do I get rights to my child?
  • How do I have child support enforced?
  • How do I get child support that is owed to me?
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