Understanding Guardianship

Guardianship is a legal arrangement designed to protect individuals who can't care for themselves due to reasons such as age or physical or mental health limitations. It provides another person, the guardian, with the authority to make decisions on behalf of the person in need, known as the ward. A court usually appoints a guardian following an evaluation process that determines the person's capacity to make decisions independently. Source

Guardianship of a CPS Child Placement


When a child is under the custody of Child Protective Services (CPS) and placed with you, gaining guardianship offers a long-term solution for the child's care. It allows you to make key decisions about the child's life, including health, education, and general welfare. A guardian provides a nurturing environment, aiding in the child's growth and development. Learn More

How It Works

When CPS places a child with a family member or a friend, this person can apply for guardianship of the child. This process involves court proceedings and potential home visits to ensure the child's best interests are upheld. The court will assess the guardian's capability to provide for the child's physical and emotional needs.

Guardianship of a Disabled Adult Child

Guardianship of a Disabled Adult Child is a legal framework that enables a parent or family member to continue providing care for a disabled person who has reached the age of 18. This allows the guardian to make critical decisions about the individual's health and well-being, which the individual may not be capable of making due to their disability. Legal Reference

The Need for Guardianship

Once a disabled child reaches adulthood, parents and caregivers may find that they can no longer legally make certain decisions on behalf of the adult. This can create challenges, especially when the adult child cannot make reasoned decisions about personal and financial matters. Guardianship of a disabled adult child offers a solution, allowing for continued care and decision-making support.

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At the America Family Law Center, we offer comprehensive legal services to guide you through the complex process of obtaining guardianship. Our dedicated legal team is committed to protecting the interests of those under your care. We provide the support you need, navigating through the intricate legal processes with you every step of the way.

Resources for Guardianship

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