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School Records

School Records | Denied Access?

Trouble accessing your child’s school records? The school may be in violation of Federal and State laws. What you need to know is right here.

Read More Posted: 8-17-2022

Astroworld Festival Ends in Injuries

The Astorwork Festivals was to be a fun event bringing together people after the shutdown from COVID. Unfortunately, it ended in disaster killing several and leaving others with both physical and emotional injuries.

Read More Posted: 2-1-2022

Child Custody in Texas

Child Custody

Child Custody can be very confusing with all the terms that are used in television shows. Child Custody terms can even vary from state to state.

Understanding Your Custody Rights

Many parents are confused by the various terms they hear on television regarding child custody. Parents say they want to have 50 50 custody and assume that means that both parents are the custodial parent. Parents assume that 50 50 custody is joint custody. Joint custody refers to decision-making regarding the child and not custodial possession of the child.

Filing for full custody is not what is referred to as sole custody. Sole custody provides that the parent has certain predetermined rights for decision-making. In general, parental custody orders include not only where the child lives the majority of the time but also decision-making authority for the child. Full custody is not a term used in child custody Texas.

In addition to child custody rights, custody Texas includes child support custody. A custody attorney typically will help the custodial parent receive child support. A child custody attorney can help whether you have temporary custody order Texas or you are going straight to mediation and final order.

Finding the Right Child Custody Lawyers

Whether you are looking for the best child custody lawyer, a child custody lawyer for fathers, a cheap custody lawyer, or even a pro bono custody lawyer it is important to get the right child custody help. An affordable family law attorney can be the best custody lawyer for your situation. They often are experienced in all areas of family law, child support and child custody.

If you are a father you may want to consider a fathers rights child custody lawyer. They can often be the best child custody attorney for your situation.

If you are struggling to find an affordable family law attorney because resources are tight you might want to look for a resource that offers unbundled services or pro bono child custody lawyers. This may be the best child custody attorney for your circumstances.

Posted: 2-1-2022

parents contemplate ending their marriage

Divorce Checklist for Parent

As parents contemplate ending their marriage they must also consider the impact ending that relationship will have on how they parent. Too often parents enter into divorce without fully understanding the challenges

Read More Posted: 3-22-2021
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