America Family Law Center operates several programs that assist Texans in all areas of family law. The programs are primarily focused on helping Texas families with family law issues, including low-income Texans.  By supporting families, the organization ultimately helps the child maintain a safe and healthy environment to grow and thrive. These programs include Texas Volunteer Lawyers, Fathers Rights Initiative, Children First Always, Courtroom Assistance Program (CAP), Texas Lawyer Referral Service (TxLRS), and Texas Law Helpline.

Below you can read more about each of these programs.

Texas Family Law Assistance

Texas family law assistance

Courtroom Assistance Program – CAP

The charter of the Courtroom Assistance Program, or CAP, is to provide an attorney to assist a person who would otherwise be self-represented in a family law court proceeding.

Manhttps://txcap.orgy people with issues involving child custody, child support, visitation or divorce cannot afford an attorney to represent them traditionally.  These people either try going to court on their own without knowing the laws and courtroom rules or give up on their children.

America Family Law Center encourages those who qualify for and receive legal aid to take advantage of that assistance.  We also encourage those who can afford an attorney to hire an attorney.  For the rest of society, America Family Law Center and the Courtroom Assistance Program, CAP, is here to help.

Not all people or cases qualify for CAP.  Please text or call America Family Law Center to find out if your case qualifies, or check out the FAQs page on the CAP website.

Texas Lawyer Referral Service – TxLRS

The charter of the Texas Lawyer Referral Service, or TxLRS, is to help ensure that all Texans can get access to a qualified lawyer.  The service is free for people in need of a lawyer.

Certified by the State Bar of Texas. There are many situations where hiring a lawyer is in your best interests. Chances are if you think you might need a lawyer, it’s a good idea to at least contact one to see if he or she can help. If you feel that you can’t afford a lawyer, TxLRS may have a program to help you. The Texas Lawyer Referral Service is a non-profit community service program.

For lawyers interested in the Texas Lawyer referral service and receiving client referrals, please first register as a participating lawyer by going to  Registration is online, fast and easy.  Participation is free – there is no fee to be a participating lawyer.

Low-income Texas Families

Children First Always

The charter of the Children First Always program is to provide education and educational resources related to parenting and healthy family dynamics to all Texans, especially to low-income Texas families.

The America Family Law Center, through the Children First Always program, will strive to work collaboratively with community organizations, facilitate parenting focused programs in schools, helps parents find appropriate parenting classes, help to educate parents on the importance of right decisions and encourage various public interest projects regarding children.  Examples include the Muffins for Moms and Donuts for Dads programs, provided by Dr. Tyrone Tanner, to the school parent population and focus on parenting school-age children.

Teen programs that are championed by the Texas Attorney General’s office, Family Initiatives division, and focus mainly on teaching teenagers to make responsible decisions and to understand the impact of those decisions are supported by Children First Always.

Fathers Rights Initiative

The charter of the Fathers Rights Initiative program is to promote fatherhood throughout a child’s life, through engaged parenting and maintaining an on-going positive parent-child relationship.

The America Family Law Center, through its Fathers Rights program, intends to assist fathers with issues involving child custody, child support, visitation, and divorce.  It will do this by assisting with family law legal cases, facilitating programs in jails and prisons, provide educational opportunities to help fathers learn fundamental skills of parenting children from toddlers through teens and encourage fathers to be an involved and supportive member of the family. The program will strive to help fathers who have been distanced from their children to re-engage and to develop a positive parent-child relationship. The program will attempt to provide members of the inmate population with parenting skills to help them to better communicate with their families while incarcerated and to provide them with skills to better parent after their release.

The Fathers Rights Initiative program expects to share common goals with the National Fatherhood Initiative, the governmental National Responsible Fatherhood Clearinghouse and U.S. Department of Health & Human Services.

low-income and indigent

Texas Volunteer Attorneys

The charter of Texas Volunteer Attorneys is to encourage and facilitate attorneys, through volunteerism, to provide access to legal resources and education related to legal issues to all Texans, specifically low-income Texans and Texas families.

The America Family Law Center, through the Texas Volunteer Attorneys program, will strive to make lawyer resources more available and affordable to members of the general public, particularly low-income and at-risk families. Attorneys may volunteer their time and expertise as a public service, to help their community, and to help fulfill expectations of the State Bar of Texas.

Attorneys may volunteer, through the Texas Volunteer Attorneys program, to answer calls to the Family Law Hotline, another free service provided by the America Family Law Center.

Attorneys may volunteer, through the Texas Volunteer Attorneys program, to be a “Volunteer Attorney”  in America Family Law Center’s office to consult with people on matters involving family law.  These Volunteer Attorneys do not go to court with clients or represent clients in their cases as part of their volunteerism, but instead, they answer questions, review documents and provide general legal advice and guidance during in-office consultations.  To apply as a Volunteer Attorney, please first register as a participating lawyer in the Texas Lawyer Referral Service by going to, where you may indicate your desire to volunteer.

Attorneys may volunteer, through the Texas Volunteer Attorneys program, to be on a volunteer speakers list.  These attorneys may be offered the following types of opportunities: speak to a group of seniors about probate, wills, and trusts; talk to a group of business people about incorporations and business law matters; talk to a group of professionals about patents, copyrights, trademarks and intellectual property.  To be on the list of volunteer speakers, please first register as a participating lawyer in the Texas Lawyer Referral Service by going to, where you may indicate your desire to volunteer.

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